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Temaad Audio has a range of six turntables. All lower models are easily upgradable to the top model in easy affordable stages. Prices range from a very affordable $400 upwards. The choice is yours, but you will find no other turntable package that offers value for money and is as upgradable as this range.

Temaad T/T 1 K. (Kit turntable)

This is where your fun starts and you can put your DIY skills to good use, by manufacturing your own unique turntable plinth. We supply a drawing for you to build a standard plinth too, but take the opportunity and create your own. We even supply three adjustable solid brass feet to sit the plinth upon.

The kit comprises - the turntable, centre hub, and spindle, which is manufactured to the same high standards as our top of the line Wizard Reference.

It is the heart of the turntable and if we compromise here we would downgrade the whole package, so we don't. Secondly you get a 10mm diameter high quality hardened centre spindle as with all our turntables.

Thirdly we supply the platter carrier pre-drilled to fit your isolating spikes that make our turntable unique and sounding so good. Accompanied with a 20mm thick platter and centre spindle guide to sit your precious vinyl on.

Next we have the precision DC stand-alone motor and pod which has a precision machined brass pulley for both 33 and 45 rpm speeds. This unit will run on voltages ranging from 100 to 240 volts and the speed adjustment is approximately +/- 25% either side of its speed range

Lastly we supply you with three solid brass adjustable feet to mount to you Plinth,

Temaad T/T 2 K. (Kit turntable)

With the T/T 2 version you get all the above parts and additionally the following:

  • A Ruby ball as used with the T/T3.
  • Six brass turned adjustable feet to allow the user to the level the Split Platter system.
  • Cotton and Standard drive belts; 25Mm thick Platter ILO 22mm.

The arm that is available with this kit is also upgraded with a mounting hub, not the screw, but the Warlock shaft and collar, making future upgrades easier.

Temaad T/T 1.

Almost identical to the kit version, except for a 30mm thick Platter & Granite or Wood plinth (I am not aware of any other base turntable that gives you these options for under $2000). They just keep rolling out the cheap and cheerful custom wood or similar.

This is the perfect T/T for anyone who enjoys vinyl but still needs to keep within a budget. This T/T is available at under US$500, with arm for under US$700,  And remember this T/T is easily UPGRADABLE to the T/T1.5; T/T2 or even T/T3.

Why the Split Plinth

In designing this turntable range it was obvious that the turntable plinth's major requirements is to keep out the unwanted noise (it's mechanical so no matter how low it is, noise comes from any mechanical device).

So I have separated the arm board completely from the motor unit and the turntable platter unit. This significantly reduces mechanical noise transmissions, simply because virtually no noise can travel through the spiked feet of both plinth units.

Temaad T/T 1.5

This is proving to be our most popular turntable, it was not planned but came about from customer requests. So it is the same layout as the T/T 2 with Granite plinth, except it only sports one motor unit instead of two.

It can easily be upgraded to our T/T 2 model should you wish, with the purchase of an additional motor unit. The arm board is easy to swap over at a minimal cost.

Temaad T/T 2.

The two motor units are located directly opposite each other for maximum stability. The two 34mm thick record platters are mechanically isolated from each other by three spikes. This virtually eliminates any bearing noise that may be entering the system.

In actual fact the platter system has a double-spiked isolation system to reduce bearing noise getting to the stylus to the lowest level.

Two motors add firmness and focus to the sound as they hold the platter in a vice grip configuration that is ideally suited to run for many years. The T/T has been developed so it can take three arms, one x 12 inch and two x 9 inches.

Temaad T/T 3.

Yep you guessed it, it has 3 motors for absolute stability and control, this combination puts the T/T into perfect balance. Pitch variation is virtually unmeasurable and this yields many benefits. With more motors you get more details, better sound stage, a lot more information, much much bigger dynamics and much better timing from your arm and cartridge. The T/T 3 uses two 35mm thick Platters and three different thickness top platters, to allow you to keep the VTA angle correct no matter what weight of LP you are playing. This feature is unique in the T/T world and it also keeps your cartridge overhang correct which is critical to accurate LP play back. The top platter thicknesses are 10mm for standard 100gram vinyl, 8.5mm for 150gram to 180 gram LP's and finally 7.5mm for 200gram LP's,

The 2nd platter itself is something special, as it has been precision drilled with eight holes close to the periphery. These holes are filled with lead shot and each lead package is weighed out to be within 0.001gram of each other to maintain perfect balance. Rotational take-up is not a problem with the three motor unit assembly and when you switch the unit off you will be feeding power back into the grid for a time! The lead package for this T/T is very heavy and impacts seriously on the shipping cost. We can supply the T/T without lead at a cost reduction of $100.

The T/T are of course designed to gel perfectly with our range of Uni-pivot pick up arms and can in fact be fitted with three arms should you wish. The main arm board is large enough to take any 12 inch arm currently available. Should you wish to use another arm type then please advise so that the arm board can be drilled to meet your requirements.

Temaad T/T 3 MFP (Magnetic Floatation Platter)

With the T/T 3 MFL we see a massive reduction of bearing friction due to the fact that the Platter assembly is literally floating in the vertical mode on powerful magnets. The magnets however does not affect the delicate cartridge signal due to the fact that the Middle Platter is now split into two and a lead sheet is sandwiched between them. This effectively stops any unwanted magnetic fields migrating up to the pick up cartridge when you are playing your favorite vinyl. It also obviously has the effect of adding greater rotational torque to the whole assemble. With the friction levels being substantially reduced the background noise is also hugely reduced. Bass instruments are significantly easier to follow and the whole sound is substantially more open and natural. Literally every aspect of reproduction has been enhanced.

Temaad T/T 3 MFP Signature

The signature of our Temaad Turntable range, it has all the above features but the motor units are upgraded to the famous 3xOrigin Live DC100 motors with the advanced switch box motor controller which has a sophisticated circuit design with improved load compensation and higher instantaneous usable power delivery.

Should you want the ultimate!! 3xDC200 motor units and the ultra switch box can be provided (POA). Many aspects of component specification have been upgraded, including low impedance / low leakage capacitors, highly specified diodes, and special LED.

This gives you, the customer, reduced electrical noise, reduced response time and increased current delivery, which in all leads to increased dynamics, bass weight and power are just a few of the major benefits. These are all gained with the ultra upgrade.

As well as our standard Mid Gray plinth colour, the Granite plinth is also available in four other colours, Red Amber, Leafy Green, Fawn, & Dark Grey. For these colour options please add $100 to the price shown on the price list. The T/T is also available in any painted colour over 40mm solid wood should you desire. In fact it looks very striking in Fireman’s Red, for the painted option add $50.

Available Colors


Fawn Dark Grey Red Amber Leafy Green



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